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Friends of Susanna is a group for women of all ages in the Waverly United Methodist Church. The purpose of this group is to support ideas and areas that were important to Susanna Wesley throughout her life.
Our mission is to:

  • Support Christian education and general education in the family.
  • Support education, especially Christian education for children in general
    especially those who are poor.
  • Support health clinics for the poor and foster good health habits for all.
  • Support efforts to foster respect for differences in person and beliefs.

Friends of Susanna hope to use the ideas of Susanna Wesley to bring about
positive, creative Christian change in the local, regional and world venues.

Friends of Susanna
You, O Lord, have called us to watch and pray. Therefore, whatever may be the sin against which we pray make us careful to watch against it, and so have reason to expect that our prayers will be answered. In order to perform this duty aright, grant us grace to preserve a sober, equal temper, and sincerity to pray for your assistance. Amen
(Susanna Wesley)

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